2017 ICE National Award Winner – Technology Integration Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School STREAM Club

2017 ICE National Award Winner – Technology Integration. Pictured (left to right) Principal Camille Jowanna, STREAM Club Moderators Jill Phillips, Caitlin Schecker, and Jane Schuster

Congratulations to Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School STREAM Club for winning the 2017 Innovation in Catholic Education “Technology Integration” Award.  The award was received on April 19th, 2017 at the Innovations in Catholic Education Gala Dinner in St. Louis, MO.  Bishop McLaughlin was among three finalist named for this prestigious award in January 2017.

Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School STREAM Club Submission:

“3D Printers to Provide Prosthetic Hands to Children”
STREAM Club 3D PrinterOur school’s STREAM club (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math) was recently established to allow students to work on interdisciplinary projects that serve our wider community.

Through generous donations, we were able to purchase 2 3D Printers to begin our service project, partnered with an organization called e-NABLE. This partnership allows us to use our 3D Printers to print prosthetic hands for children with limited upper limb mobility as a result of birth defect, injury, or war.

Most insurance companies do not pay for children’s prosthetics due to the rate at which children grow; as such, many children may go an entire childhood suffering with limited mobility, as traditional prosthetics cost over $40,000. Instead, our STREAM students are able 3D print the hands at a cost of $50 per hand, and we provide them to the families free of charge.

It is our goal that, through our STREAM club, we will be able to nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of our students, as well as the hearts and needs of our greater community, all for the glory of God.

2017 ICE Award - Technology Integration