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Service Hours

Service hours can be person to person service for people in our community who are in ‘need’ i.e., the poor, hungry, homeless, sick, injured, elderly and disabled. Other types of service include fundraisers, walk-a-thons, parish and community service projects, and hours completed for BMCHS service clubs. Service must be done through a pre-approved not-for-profit service agency, hospital, nursing home, church, or school.

The service requirement at BMCHS must be completed between June 1 and May 31 of each academic year. The service outreach recommendation for each year would total:

  • 25 hours – freshmen
  • 50 hours – sophomores
  • 75 hours – juniors
  • 100 hours – seniors

Theology exam exemptions are available for all students on completion of yearly service hours and participation in the Spiritual Retreat. Both conditions must be met to exempt exams.

Students are expected to complete 25 service hours per year to meet the 100 hour graduation requirement. Documentation of the hours completed are to be submitted to the Campus Ministry Office through the online application X2Vol found here: can also download the app on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

How to log hours on X2Vol:

The following do not meet Service Outreach requirements:

  • Family-related activities and services.
  • Services performed for for-profit organizations (including doctors, vet’s offices and day care centers)
  • Services done for individuals (ie. Babysitting, private business)
  • Services done as part of work-study program, or designated as work-study tasks (cleaning gym, school facility, locker rooms, athletic fields, etc.)
  • Service done during Sunday Mass (altar server, lector, Eucharistic minister, musician, usher, etc.)
  • Service mandated by the court

Hours must be documented on the BMCHS Volunteer Service Form. An original signature from the agency representative who supervised the hours is required.