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Bishop Alumni Associatation

Did you know if you put all 1,000+ Alumni from the Bishop McLaughlin Catholic High School in one place, you’d have a community of world renowned leaders? You might be surprised to learn how many Hurricanes live in your own neighborhood!  Participating in our alumni group is an excellent way to:

  • Stay connected to Canes Alumni
  • Give back to your local community
  • Network with fellow Hurricanes in your area or who share your interests
  • Support the Alumni Association
  • Types of Groups

Hurricane Chapter:  A chapter is a geographic-based group located in areas with BMCHS alumni. Chapters host monthly meetings, diverse events and have an organized leadership team.

Network:  Networks can be geographic- or interest-based groups. They are similar to chapters and societies but are less formally organized and represent fewer than 1,000 alumni.

Alumni Events: Whether you’re taking in an alumni travel tour, turning out for a Homecoming Football Game, networking with other Hurricanes or mentoring students, you can connect with the Bishop McLaughlin community through various events that will engage both your mind and tug at your heart.